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Twitter / xena_italia: RT if you want @RealLucyLawless ...


Saw this on twitter and I couldn’t resist! Lucy looks really regal in this pic and the pic really highlights her similarity to Emilie de Ravin’s Belle.

And Really, I would really want a Rumple/Belle’s mom face off

I need this to happen just as much as I need AIR!!! She would BE PERFECT! 

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all of the otp snogging because reasons

How about this one as the summer thing?

Reblogging Snogging sessions for the Summer!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!

Since the snogging is so pretty, I thought maybe I’d reblog it too, but just on Sundays. Just because we don’t get OUaT Sundays for awhile, doesn’t mean we can’t have Honeymoon Sundays in the meantime… am I right?

It must be Honeymoon Sunday!!! ^_^

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